Write api mediawiki redirect

Some more substantial changes; minor refactoring, removing the connection and associated UI to an external site that was causing errors with the new CSP, changing to use the mw.

The HTML specification defines the anchor element, a, one of the valid attributes of which is the href. To address this issue, a variety of microformats 5 have been invented.

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Get a list of images used in the [[Main Page]]: Makes it very quick and easy to set up new redirects. I am using monobook on Chrome and I have the tab turned off. C David S.

Enabling subpages In LocalSettings. I like it better than WP: If you have a wiki on a MediaWiki wiki farm you may not have write-access perhaps not even read-access to the file LocalSettings. Due to a security breach somewhere on the server, it might happen that other users are able to view the contents of files.

One of Bomis' servers continued to host some of the other languages on UseModWiki until it died. Now a copy of u-boot. Detailed description of these modules and build insructions are available at http: As mentioned above, this is probably not a good idea unless you really know what you are doing.

I haven't uncovered any unfixed bugs in my testing, and none of the other editors using it have reported any problems, either. Also, our bug tracker is reserved for reporting issues with the software, and must not be used for support requests. Semi-protection of individual pages.

You should be good to go for hidden comment. In a second step, the client dereferences this new URI and gets a Web document describing the real-world object. They are extremely desirable in agriculture as they devour insects that feed on crops.

At u-boot prompt, update the env variable bootargs, for example: See also the API documentation and our bot tutorial. I can probably figure out how to do no-wiki tags manually, but the string for hidden comments defeats me, and neither seems to have been included in the "enhanced" toolbar.


If not, or if the package is not up-to-date with the latest MantisBT version, then you may want to download it directly from here. This practice allows separate statements to be made about an object and about a document that describes that object. I look forward to having it back in some form.

As microformats tightly specify how to embed data, applications can unambiguously extract the data from the pages. Descriptions of resources are embodied in the form of Web documents.

MediaWiki API/PowerShell

Cannot be used without iiurlwidth Default: So, some time back my software on my tablet updated and changed Gitter is a browser-based, on-line chat that has mainly replaced the team's use of IRC. Registered protocol family 40 [ 1. Accept This is a redirect, which tells the client that a Web document containing a description of the requested resource, in the requested format, can be found at the URI given in the Location: I believe that any announcements about that project will be made at mw: A redirect to a page in the category namespace[ edit ] To redirect to a category page and prevent the redirect appearing in this category, precede the word "Category" with a colon, otherwise the redirect page will also be categorized to the category itself:.

from. Title of the page to rename. Cannot be used together with fromid. fromid. Page ID of the page to rename. Cannot be used together with from. Type: integer. It also takes a block for inline templates (see example). Nokogiri Templates. writeapi Use of the write API Granted to: all, user, bot apihighlimits Use higher limits in API queries (slow queries: ; fast queries: ).

The limits for slow queries also apply to multivalue parameters. Mar 03,  · Creating a redirect []. You may start a new page with the name you want to direct from (see Help:Starting a new page).You can also use an existing page that you are making inactive as a page by going to that page and using the "edit" tab at the top.

Mar 21,  · As stated, my project involves work on the System Ops component to alter the behavior of McHenry, and a MediaWiki development component to build the API's. Sep 09,  · The MediaWiki action API is a web service that allows access to some wiki-features like authentication, page operations, and search.

It can provide Meta information about the wiki and the logged-in user.

Write api mediawiki redirect
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