Health practice among hypertensives

The practice of self-diagnosis and medication of traditional medicine knowledge is wide spread in urban areas of developing countries.

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The frequency of use of THM and the length of time herbal remedies have been used by the participants are indicative of a heavy dependence on THM not only in managing hypertension but also in treating it.

Lastly, the length of time respondents had been using THM was determined. Mean and Standard deviation were obtained for categorical variables while the chi square test was utilized for intergroup frequencies with p 3.

Barriers to optimal control exist at the patient, physician, and health system levels.

Hypertension and lifestyle modification: how useful are the guidelines?

Ethnopharmacological survey of medicinal plants used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiac diseases in the south-east region of Morocco.

The face and content validity of the questionnaire was evaluated by a community physician, a cardiologist, and two resident doctors. Benefits, adverse effects and drug interactions of herbal therapies with cardiovascular effects.

The findings of this study will add to the existing body of knowledge and help initiate concerted efforts towards curbing the rising prevalence of uncontrolled hypertension in our region.

Blood pressure, hypertension and correlates in urbanized workers in Ibadan Nigeria. The community is about 8 kilometers from Umuahia township, the state capital.

The first section canvassed baseline demographic characteristics, including age, sex, educational level, occupation, and duration since diagnosis of hypertension, and social characteristics, ie, alcohol consumption and smoking.

International Journal of Hypertension

Conclusions This study has identified the prevalence of THM use by hypertensives living in selected South African communities. This practice was found to be influenced by the acquisition of formal education risk ratio 1.

Public Health Rep ; The fourth section assessed adherence to antihypertensive medication using a validated eight-item scale designed for use in an outpatient setting. East Afr Med J.

To assess clinical inertia, the term generally used to describe the failure of clinicians to initiate or intensify antihypertensive therapy despite elevated BP levels, 12 we assessed the percentage of visits in which medications were started or changed when the BP was elevated.

Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and control of hypertension in a Nigerian population. Hypertension in developing nations in sub-Saharan Africa. Types and preferred sources of information concerning herbal medicinal products: They point out that effective lifestyle modification can lower blood pressure by at least as much as a single antihypertensive drug.

Finally, knowledge and practice of the lifestyle modifications necessary for blood pressure control was inadequate among the participants. One way to improve the awareness rate of hypertension among the populace is through opportunistic screening like this one: Figure 1 shows that a large percentage Statistical analysis The data obtained were analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version.

Dec 01,  · Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, and Heart Centre and Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå, Sweden weight loss, and aerobic exercise achieved a reduction of / mmHg among hypertensives, A recent UK study showed that hypertension management delivered by practice nurses could provide improved.

management of hypertension among hypertensives in south-east Nigeria Okwuonu C.G1*, Emmanuel C.I1, important public health challenge in both economically developing and developed countries. assess the level of knowledge and practice of lifestyle modification among hypertensive adults in a semi-urban community in South-East Nigeria.

Patient-related barriers to hypertension control in a Nigerian population

1 Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Allied Sciences, Garden City University College (GCUC), Kenyasi, Kumasi, Ghana 2 Department of Molecular Medicine, School of Medical Science, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana 3 School of Medical and Health.

Patient-related barriers to hypertension control in a Nigerian population None of the sociodemographic variables assessed were found to be associated with the likelihood of practice of regular exercise among respondents who were aware of this lifestyle modification.

Blood pressure control among hypertensives managed in a specialised.

Patient-related barriers to hypertension control in a Nigerian population

Helping Hypertensive Patients with Tax Day Stress and Everyday Care; EHR Younger patients may be contacted once every six months but it is a practice-wide rule of thumb that all hypertensive patients should come in at least twice a year. Please submit your email address to receive alerts when new posts are published on the Health IT.

Health practice is the act of a care professional that performs activities, methods and treatments in order to keep an individual health whether it is to do with diet, exercise, Health Practice Among Hypertensives. treatments based on the genotype of the patient.

Health practice among hypertensives
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