Discuss is socila stratification functional

In Trinidad and Tobago, Social Stratification does affect teacher performance greatly; this is so since according to some research done by Mr. Conflict which suggests that stratification occurs through conflict between different classes, with the upper classes using superior power to take a larger share of the social resources.

Anthony Giddens Sociology third edition. Social status Social variables, both quantitative and qualitativetypically provide the most explanatory power in causal research regarding social stratification, either as independent variables or as intervening variables.

The media makes it so clear to everyone that an education is the only way to make it in the world. This class system of social stratification dates back to the days of Andrew Carnegie, and John D. Describing society through the application of the scientific approachwhich draws on the work of scientists.

First there is the need to instil in the abler members the motivation to occupy important and difficult positions which require greater than average ability.

Socialization is supported by the positive and negative sanctioning of role behaviours that do or do not meet these expectations. Many African tribal societies seemed to fit this neat model rather well, although Africanistssuch as Paul Richardsalso argued that Fortes and Evans-Pritchard had deliberately downplayed internal contradictions and overemphasized the stability of the local lineage systems and their significance for the organization of society.

Turnerin this arrangement, every person is expected to give everything of any resource they have to any other person who needs or lacks it at the time. In fact, only recently have scholars begun to differentiate race and ethnicity; historically, the two were considered to be identical or closely related.

Social Stratification Paper

Social scientists are sometimes interested in quantifying the degree of economic stratification between different social categories, such as men and women, or workers with different levels of education. With no delay, descent theory had found its critics. By rewarding the most talented and most dedicated by allowing them into the highest paid and highest status jobs, education performs the function which is always necessary to Functionalists — differentiating all members of society so that the system runs smoothly.

For example, absolute age may cause a low income if one is too young or too old to perform productive work. Tumin believes that stratification can weaken social integration by giving members of the lower strata a feeling of being excluded from participation in the larger society.

Some of these variables may have both causal and intervening effects on social status and stratification. Other differences in employment between men and women lead to an overall gender-based pay-gap in many societies, where women as a category earn less than men due to the types of jobs which women are offered and take, as well as to differences in the number of hours worked by women.

Just as the structural parts of the human body — the skeleton, muscles, and various internal organs — function independently to help the entire organism survive, social structures work together to preserve society. In between these two main classes, however there are groups whose position is more ambiguous.

Class readings in Sociology. Ethnocentricity Ethnic prejudice and discrimination operate much the same as do racial prejudice and discrimination in society.

Merton believed that any social structure probably has many functions, some more obvious than others.

One task of research is to identify accurate mathematical models that explain how these many variables combine to produce stratification in a given society. Stratification arises basically out of the needs of societies not out of the needs or desires of individuals.

For Merton, anomie means a discontinuity between cultural goals and the accepted methods available for reaching them. Recent developments in evolutionary theory —especially by biologist David Sloan Wilson and anthropologists Robert Boyd and Peter Richerson —have provided strong support for structural functionalism in the form of multilevel selection theory.

Conformity occurs when an individual has the means and desire to achieve the cultural goals socialized into them. Original affluent society Anthropologists identify egalitarian cultures as " kinship -oriented," because they appear to value social harmony more than wealth or status.

Social Stratification

Social stratification is a kind of social differentiation whereby a society groups people into socioeconomic strata, based upon their occupation and income, wealth and social status, or. Social stratification is a kind of social differentiation whereby a society groups people into socioeconomic strata, based upon their occupation and income, wealth and social status, or derived power (social and political).

Discuss Is Socila Stratification Functional Essay social stratification and how it effects our lives. We as individuals are social beings who are ranked in categories within the hierarchy of society, but within our society we have the means to progress up the hierarchy and become part of the elite.

Social stratification systems determine social position based on factors like income, education, and occupation. Sociologists use the term status consistency to describe the consistency, or lack thereof, of an individual’s rank across these factors.

limited view of functional theories of social stratification. Research continues to be dominated by mobility studies that focus attention on individual characteristics rather than the structured and rigid inequalities of wealth and power (see Huber and Form ).

Our research on poverty, for example, is still struggling to escape the "cul. Social Stratification. Functionalists would consider the following issues in theorizing about the phenomenon of social stratification.

What is the function of social stratification? * To maintain social order * To ensure that all roles are filled * Roles are filled by those best suited to efficiently execute them.

Discuss is socila stratification functional
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