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Because of his inability to progress very far in education, he was the only child in the family who was not sent on to Forfar Academy.

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Now 15, his parents decided to make him his father's assistant "pupil teacher". Neill later found that freedom cured better than this therapy. He also felt more confident to pursue women.

Following the war Neill had a brief appointment at the King Alfred School in Hamp-stead, where he tried to implement his theory of self-government for children. He returned to Scotland, working as a head teacher at Gretna Green School during the first year of the war.

Summerhill School Summerhill, The school picked up some notoriety and the average enrollment was 40 pupils. He eventually signed for newly promoted Premier League side Crystal Palace on an initial one-year-deal on 14 August[52] as understudy to Julian Speroni.

He was raised in an austere, Calvinist house with values of fear, guilt, and adult and divine authority, which he later repudiated. That somebody of his generation could not only cross the divide between generations, but could also be a leader in a most modern approach to children and childhood, is extraordinary.

At the age of 14, Neill went to work as an office boy in an Edinburgh factory, but he became so lonely and homesick that his parents allowed him to return home. A Radical Approach to Child Rearing, one of 21 books he wrote, Neill recalled that he and his first wife, Ada, wanted "to make the school fit the child instead of making the child fit the school.

Shortly thereafter, he became a pupil-teacher in his father's school, where he remained for four years. When parents began removing their children from the school Neill decided it was time to leave Germany.

However, at the age of 18, Alexander was spotted by Stenhousemuir manager Terry Christie while playing for Adina. Neill, Homer Lane, W. Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, reviewing the book in the New York Times, noted Neill's "practical good sense about the worthlessness of most education, and his passionate desire to connect life with learning, thinking with feeling" as well as "his patiently reasonable, flawlessly logical, but always witty arguments against repression and punishment" and "his careful distinction between freedom and license.

Such unhappiness led to repressed and psychologically disordered adults. He returned to Scotland, working as a headteacher at Gretna Green School, during the first year of the war. Neill considered forced instruction without pupil interest a destructive waste of time.

At the age of 25 Neill enrolled as a student of agriculture at Edinburgh University. Most importantly, Neill used the series to explore his thoughts concerning freedom and children—chronicling dramatic transformation in his own ideology from his early teaching experiences.

Neill denied that the atmosphere at Summerhill was "permissive. Freedom versus license When Neill said children should be free, he did not mean complete freedom, but freedom without licence—that everyone can do as they like unless such action encroaches upon another's freedom.

He found the work stultifying and came home after a foot inflammation. This five-book series, which also included A Dominie DismissedA Dominie in DoubtA Dominie Abroadand A Dominie's Five represented Neill's informal diary interspersed with stories and observations of people, places, and adventures.

Neill saw moral instruction as a wedge between natural instinct and conformity and thought children were best off without it. Progressive Influences At the beginning of World War INeill became headmaster of a coeducational school in Scotland which prepared its students for work on farms and in domestic service.

Although he passed his first year's program, he said he understood little of the lectures. Neill's emerging understanding of education seemed to be heavily influenced by other psychologists of his time as well, including Wilhem Stekel and Wilhem Reich. Summerhill School Summerhill, The school picked up some notoriety and the average enrolment was 40 pupils.

Neill saw the doctrine of "original sin" as a means of control and sought a world ruled by love and self-examination. This education usually entailed copious amounts of play and distance from the adult anxieties of work and ambition.

Denis Lawton, Education and Social Justice, p. Upon his second wife's retirement inZoe Readhead, the daughter of A. Shortly thereafter, he became a pupil-teacher in his father's school, where he remained for four years. Although not a trained therapist, Neill gave psychoanalytic private lessons to individual children, designed to unblock impasses in their inner energies.

Despite this, he would flippantly remark that Summerhill was the only Christian school in England when its philosophy was compared with that of Christ.

Studies of Neill and his career include Leslie R. He also felt more confident to pursue women. Encyclopedia of World Biography. At the age of twenty-five, Neill enrolled in Edinburgh University, where he studied English and later became a journalist.

The Scottish psychologist Alexander Sutherland Neill () is most famous as the founder of Summerhill School and as the developer of its radical child-centered theory of education.

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